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The Story of the Club Championship Triples Event

The club championship triples were played on Sunday 9 December 2018. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we had four teams engaged who would play a round-robin tournament of 3 games of 12 ends each.

The teams were as follows:

1) Mark Lindsay (Sk), David Lee, Des Lynch.
2) Chris Litchfield (Sk), Ian White, Jack Wara.
3) Peter Imms (Sk), Peter Hiatt, Peter Channer – (To be known as ‘Rink Peters’).
4) Brian Marsland (Sk), David Leeson, Martin Downey.


Lindsay Rink V Litchfield Rink:
All eyes were on Mark Lindsay as we all know the boy can play, but would the lack of match fitness be a telling factor? Tight early, 3 – 3 after 3 ends, but then 5 straight ends to the Litchfield rink saw them get away to an 11 – 3 lead after 8 ends. Hard to pin back with just 4 ends to go. The nail in the coffin came on the 10th end when the Litchfield rink picked up a 5. They went on to win 16 to 9.

Rink Peters V Marsland Rink:
This was a tighter game than the final score would have you believe. Marsland 4 – 2 after 4 ends and 8 – 4 after 7 ends. All players were having their moment in the sun by playing some telling bowls but there is no doubt that the difference was Brian Marsland. Brian played a few very big skippers bowls when the opposition were holding numbers, and often when Peter Imms was out of ammo so couldn’t hit back. Marsland rink by 15 to 5.


Litchfield Rink V Marsland Rink:
Battle of the first round winners. The winner of this game would be in a prime position to take out the championship. The Marsland rink jumped from the box well to lead 6 – 0 after 3 ends. It could have been a lot worse because on the 4th end Litchfield was down several shots but played a perfect draw bowl with his last to grab a shot. This inspired his rink and in no time the scores were tied at 6 – 6 after 8 ends. The Marsland rink hit back to lead 10 – 6 after 10 ends, however the Litchfield rink came home with a wet sail to grab a 3 on the last 2 ends to win 12 to 10.

Lindsay Rink V Rink Peters:
Battle of the first round losers. The loser of this game could kiss the championship goodbye while the winner, especially with a good winning score, would still be in the hunt. Rink Peters decided on a change of skipper in favour of Peter Hiatt. Was this simply a general change of tactic or did Peter Hiatt have some dirt on Mark Lindsay and thought he could get under his skin? Tight early with the Lindsay Rink up 7 – 6 at the halfway mark. The pattern continued with the score at 12 – 11 in favour of Lindsay Rink with one to go. Final score 13 – 11 to the Lindsay Rink.

The State of Play with one round remaining:

Being the only team with two wins, and playing the scoreless Rink Peters in the third and final game, the Litchfield Rink were in the box seat to take out the championship. Would Rink Peters throw the towel in or fight even harder to achieve a win? Would the Litchfield Rink suffer complacency or stage fright?

The Lindsay Rink and Marsland rink had both won a game, so both were still a chance for glory, but only if they won; Litchfield lost; and they were able to achieve the most shots up.


Lindsay Rink V Marsland Rink:
Tight early with the Lindsay Rink up 5 – 4 after 5 ends, then 7 – 4 after 6 ends. Big moment on the 7th end when Lindsay drove with his last only to clear out the head leaving the Marsland Rink with 5 shots. The Lindsay Rink didn’t give up though and going into the last end continued to hold sway 11 – 10. The Marsland Rink got out of jail when they picked up 4 shots on the last to win 14 to 11.

Litchfield Rink V Rink Peters:
Rink Peters stayed with Hiatt as skipper and jumped out of the box quickly to lead 6 – 1 after 4 ends. The Litchfield Rink fought back but were still behind 5 – 7 after 7 ends. I’m reliably told by Ian White that at that point Peter Channer and Peter Imms really turned up the heat, and this allowed Peter Hiatt to steer his rink home for a 12 to 6 win.

The Result:

At the end of play the Litchfield Rink and Marsland Rink were tied at two wins each. This resulted in a countback for shots up resulting in the Marsland Rink taking out the 2018 -2019 Triples Championship.

The Lindsay Rink and Rink Peters were tied on one win each, so this also resulted in a countback for third and fourth positions.

Winners – Congratulations to the winners Brian Marsland, David Leeson and Martin Downey.

Second on countback: Litchfield Rink.

Third on countback: Rink Peters

Fourth on countback: Lindsay Rink

The championship games were all very competitive and played in the right spirit. Congratulations and thanks to all who played and all who supported the event. Special thanks to Paul Scales for feeding us at lunch time.

Martin Downey
Bowls Captain

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