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(08) 9384 0395 64 Bayview Terrace, Claremont WA

Men’s Pennants

4th Division White, Thursday 21 March 2019 – HOME against Cockburn.  

Not quite the fairy-tale finish for the last game of the midweek season, but considering the circumstances, it was close enough. We won the aggregate 4 – 2 against the 3rd placed side, and in the process jumped Mt Pleasant to finish in 6th position. Not bad at all.

We were already down on players with the unavailability of Peter Hiatt and Gavin Cann, when suddenly my regular super-sub, Paul Scales, found himself unwell only hours before play. Many thanks to Rick Kendall and Mark Lindsay who unselfishly made themselves available at short notice to help their team mates and club.   

The Marsland rink were under pressure from the get-go, down 1 – 6 after 5 ends; 5 – 13 after 10 ends; and 8 – 18 after 17 ends. BUT WAIT – this is when the aggregate was well and truly on the line. So, this rink responded to the pressure as they have all season. They won the last 4 ends picking up an extra 8 shots in the process to only go down by 2 shots at the finish. True grit yet again guys.   

The Litchfield rink came out firing on all 4 cylinders and barely looked back. Ahead 12 – 1 after 5 ends; 24 – 6 after 11 ends; and 29 – 11 after 18 ends. Despite this position, at this stage of the game, we were 2 shots behind in the aggregate over the three rinks. All four of us were already playing well but we turned up the wick even further to win the last 3 ends to also pick up another 8 shots. 

The Lindsay rink were in for an afternoon of fluctuating fortunes. They were up 11 – 5 after 7 ends but the tide was about to turn. Their opponents then won the next 4 ends to suddenly have our rink down 11 – 15 after 11 ends. Things were about to get even worse, down 13 – 23 after 17 ends and this corresponded with us being down by 2 shots in the aggregate score. However, just like our other two rinks, these Claremont players also responded to win 3 of the last 4 ends for a 7 to 1 shot advantage, to only lose the afternoon by 4 shots. Great work.    

Rink scores as follows:

Marsland Rink: 16 – 18.
Litchfield Rink: 37 – 11.
Lindsay Rink:    20 – 24. 

The well deserved pots to the winning rink of Chris Litchfield, Ian White, Jack Wara and Martin Downey.   

5th Division Blue, Saturday 16 March 2019 – HOME to North Perth.  

A very good win of 63 to 43 shots, for a 5.5 to .5 point advantage against an interesting group from North Perth. Let’s say that several of them were ‘very enthusiastic’ during the afternoon.

We are all but assured of 1st place in our colour i.e. we lead 2nd place Mundaring by 11.5 points, so we would have to lose our last two games to zero, and they would have to win both theirs by 6 to 0, in order to catch us.

The Marsland rink were involved in a close game for the entire afternoon but for the most just held sway. A couple of the opposition on this rink were very vocal indeed. Late in the day our guys were headed and it looked like the rink point was gone. However, as this group has done all season, they showed true grit and fought back to snatch a draw from the jaws of defeat. All played well,  especially skip Brian Marsland. 

The Litchfield rink were up against the most vocal rink we have played all season. Not that any of it was confrontational, just loud and at times over the top. For that reason, I take my hat off to our boys, although they were challenged on the score board a few times during the afternoon, they refused to be distracted or intimidated by the loud barracking and instead let their bowls do their talking. And talk they did to bolt away towards the end to win by a decisive 15 shots.

The Lindsay rink thankfully drew the ‘quiet’ opponents. This was a ding dong battle from go to woe. The entire 21 ends were decided by only one or two shots. So, in the wash up that meant that our 5 shot win equated to winning four more ends than our opponents. A very good display of concentration by our four.

Rink scores were as follows:

Marsland Rink: 17 – 17
Litchfield Rink: 29 – 14
Lindsay Rink: 17 – 12

Well deserved pots to the winning rink of Chris Litchfield, Ian White, Jack Wara and Gavin Cann.

In the very important race to host the 5th division finals we are on top of our colour at 77.5 points. Manning are snapping at our heals on 74 points and Scarborough follow on 70.

Clearly the last two home and away games are vital in this regard. We will be challenged next week when we play away against Midland Morrison without regular players Peter Hiatt and Dave Leeson. As a result, after Saturday’s game, I approached a player to fill in for us next week. He stated he was available but would only play if I also guaranteed him a place in the last round the week after, and in finals the week after that. This was extremely disappointing, I told him I wouldn’t do that, and made it clear that I considered his stance was a ‘shit attitude’. I will not be held to ransom as the club selector, I will not have the bowling club held to ransom, and I certainly won’t disadvantage other players who deserve their place in the best 12 because of such a selfish and self-centred attitude. I have told the player concerned that he will not be selected to play for the club again while I am the selector.    




23 March 2019 - AWAY to Midland Morrison
Skip 3rd 2nd Lead
C. Litchfield I. White R. Kendall J. Wara
B. Marsland M. Downey B. Caporn P. Channer
M. Lindsay P. Imms M. Byass N. Howat



21 March 2019 - HOME against Cockburn.
Skip 3rd 2nd Lead
C. Litchfield I. White J. Wara M. Downey
B. Marsland Dave Leeson R. Kendall P. Channer
M. Lindsay Dot Leeson M. Byass N. Howat


It’s no secret that several of our pennant bowlers from last season have moved on for various reasons. All have departed on good terms and with our thanks and best wishes.

Mitch Cranswick and David Downey will now play in Premier Division for South Perth BC.
Vincent Santostefano and Bill Owen will also play at the South Perth BC. 
Brian Wright will play closer to home at the Manning Bowling Club.
Beau McGrechan has moved to Yokine, and will play at the Yokine BC.
Marlene Yates and John Williams will also stay closer to home at the Gosnells BC.

Apart from the above confirmed losses, several other players have indicated to me that they may be unavailable to play pennants at various stages and for a range of reasons. As the Club Captain this situation has dictated that I review the club’s position with regards to the club’s representation in both the Saturday and Thursday Bowls WA Pennant Competitions. Bowls WA contacted me and required a submission regarding our pennant entitlements for the coming season by close of business Monday 17 September 2018.

In response to the above I have had to ‘crunch the numbers’ to ascertain exactly who is still available for the coming bowls season. I took the opportunity to listen to various opinions regarding the best way forward, given the projected circumstances. 

I take this opportunity to thank everyone who spoke candidly with me about their personal situation and who expressed their opinion. Some past players, including a very senior past office holder, who now wants to point the finger, wouldn’t even respond to my approaches for a commitment to play for us. The situation was dealt a further blow when neither Michael Yates or Mark Lindsay were able to commit to playing pennants for Claremont in the coming season. It was very evident to me that as a club we simply didn’t have the numbers to field a pennant side in any division requiring four rinks. i.e. higher than 5thDivision for Saturday.

On Monday 17 September 2018, I presented the above situation and my recommendation to the club President, Ian White, and Club Secretary, Chris Litchfield. Neither could offer an alternative course of action to the one I recommended under the circumstances. As a result, for the forthcoming pennant season, the Claremont Bowling Club has requested the following entitlements from Bowls WA: 1 x 5th Division allocation for Saturday 1 x 4th Division allocation for Thursday. I will assume the duties of Club Selector for the coming season and look forward to us all having an enjoyable season on the greens, and in representing the Claremont Bowling Club with pride.

Martin Downey
Club Captain